10 Ways to Celebrate your Birthday during Lockdown

10 ways to celebrate your birthday during Lockdown

Virtual birthday party zoom

Founder of interactive events business – Jellybean Concept Events – Amanda Rabinowitz shares her top 10 virtual ideas to celebrate a friend or loved one’s birthday during Lockdown.

Jellybean Concept Events collectively have more than 20+ years of experience under their belts and are sought after when planning a private party, may it be in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban.


The internet is jam packed with free easy to use creative templates to design an e-invite for your first ever online birthday party celebration! Add the date, time, theme and link to your streaming app (with password if necessary.) It’s very important to add in what your guests need to prepare beforehand. Ie: Have a drink/drinks, dress up, have a pen & paper etc…

Virtual birthday party zoom


Each streaming tool has a unique feature which may or may not make it suitable to the amount of guests you plan to invite. Zoom is great for larger groups (use a password to prevent uninvited guests attending.) Google Hangouts works well for smaller groups. House Party is also another option! Ensure your guests all have downloaded the tool you plan to host your party on to avoid delays.


Interactive entertainment is always a must whether it be a virtual party or not. Types of games are endless and can be themed to your party. Couple quiz nights, Never Have I Ever, Heads Up, 30 seconds or even old fashioned charades to name a few. Virtual dance parties are another hit!


This one is for your bestie. Send the rest of your friendship group a private invite link, and make the birthday gal/guy think they are just zooming you – SURPRISE your entire friendship group is there when they log in. Plan some fun games and a theme for added entertainment! Don’t forget to add the necessary deets on the invite.


Theme your party, so that all your guests dress the part. Ensure this has been planned beforehand so that your guests can prep. Make the theme accessible so that everyone can access these items during lock down. Themes such as superhero, beach/tropical or 90s/80s vibes. Add in some music (on zoom you can play music for your guests to hear.) Customise the backdrop of your zoom video for a more epic theme depiction.

Virtual birthday party zoom


Give your guests a list of items/ ingredients they need to have on hand before the party goes live. Once your party “has arrived” link in with a live chef to teach you and your guests some cooking skills. Plan to make one dish following the chef’s DIY steps. Do a main or dessert, even a DIY cocktail works well. If you have a friend who is a chef – even better! Let them lead your guests through a fun DIY dinner. Otherwise find a youtube link that everyone follows along!


Dressing up for a party is always the secret ingredient in getting the vibe going. Let’s get out of those sweatpants, put on some lipstick and get into the mood. Encourage guests to focus more on their dress up attire from the waist up – depending on their web cam positioning of course!


Masks & mimosas or straight up bubbles for the ultimate stress relief! Wear comfy PJs and enjoy BFF chit chat all in the comfort of your own home! Use one of your favourite streaming apps and settle in for a relaxing night with your best gals. Extra add on – watch a movie on Netflix together.


It’s amazing what we can find around our houses. Whether it be random candles, fairy lights or even Christmas decorations. The positive is the clean up of virtual parties is always minimal so focus on the tiny space you need to decorate.


No one expects gifts, but a little spoil never hurt anyone! Certain online platforms are still delivering essential items whilst other platforms can reserve items in your cart until lockdown is over. Support small ecommerce businesses (they are in need of your support now more than ever.) Alternatively a simple hair salon voucher will never be needed more than now! Be creative about what your BFF might need and share the love!

To book your own private party, contact amanda@jellybeanworld.co.za.

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