Jan 2020

How to be the perfect host

Jan 29th, 2020|Media|

How to be the perfect host With January almost behind us, hosting dinner and private events for friends and family is heating up ahead of the winter months! Former Durbanite, Amanda Rabinowitz and founding owner of Experiential Events company, Jellybean Concept Events, shares her top hosting tips. With more than 20 years experience in hosting countless private and corporate events, Amanda and her team specialise in concept design and creating experiences that ooze the talk of the town! She says, when you are playing host: ● Music music music: an ambiance is so important at any event! Use music streaming services such as [...]

Oct 2019

Want to Start an Events Company? Here is What You Should Know

Oct 23rd, 2019|Media|

Want to Start an Events Company? Here is What You Should Know Published by Guest Thought Leader at 21st Oct 2019 SME SOUTHAFRICA By: Amanda Rabinowitz, founder, Jellybean Concept Events In the events sector it’s important to find your niche early on. You may find that the space you want to be categorised in and the space you end up in, are completely different. It happened to me when I first launched Jellybean Concept Events. Jellybean Concept Events was born in 2012, focusing on kiddies events, however it naturally progressed into a strong competitor within the shopping mall and corporate event space. Here [...]

Shopping mall activations – why it’s important and how to execute one successfully

Oct 17th, 2019|Media|

Amanda Rabinowitz is the founding owner of Jellybean Concept Events, a specialist in shopping mall activations. Rabinowitz and her team have successfully launched more than 1,000 activations in 8 years and know a thing or two when it comes to 'bringing one home'. Here she shares her top tips for planning an effective activation. As retail becomes tougher and online shopping grows, shopping malls are focussing more and more on creating a buzz in their centres. Creative shopping experiences are a prime example of how to increase foot traffic and keep shoppers in the mall. What started out as a luxury has [...]

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